WHAT? We are DMV Live Radio – A weekly three-hour live performance-based show featuring a host, a DJ and/or band, performers and studio audience at WMUC Radio Station’s Live Room every Friday from 7:00 – 10:00 pm . Debuted Jan. 28th, 2011.
FORMAT? Each show generally features a different artist, group, or band. But, occasionally we will host live entertainment ranging from freestyle ciphers to poetry nights, r&b/soul specials to stand up comedians. The key words are “Live Performance” and we want to give our audience the opportunity to experience as many forms of live entertainment the DC, Maryland and Virginia area has to offer.
WHERE? All performances are held in the Live room of WMUC Radio Station at The University of Maryland in College Park.
WHEN? Unless otherwise stated, the show broadcasts from 7:00 – 10:00 pm every Friday night during the University of Maryland school year.
HOW? Listeners can tune into our show via WMUC Radio Podcast and viewers may watch our live video broadcast via Ustream or directly from this site. Our studio audience may experience the show up close and personal in the Live room during show time (see “WHO?” description below for details).
WHO? Due to security concerns our live studio audience may only consist of University of Maryland students, alumni, staff and a maximum of two members of each performers’ team, i.e: managers, publicists, etc. However, the Live room has a maximum capacity of 35 people, thus we highly encourage viewership via our Ustream or this website and we will exercise our right to refuse guests if the Live room should experience maximum capacity.

Interested in performing on DMV Live Radio?

E-mail DMV.Live.Radio1@gmail.com a link to your Soundcloud or Bandcamp page, or attach three of your best songs, including a short bio and contact information to be considered for a performance opportunity on the show. Make sure the subject line of the email states: “Performance Inquiry”. Should we select you to perform on DMV Live Radio, we will submit a reply email inviting you to the show at a later date.

Interested in joining the DMV Live Radio team?

E-mail us at DMV.Live.Radio1@gmail.com a brief bio including your interests, hobbies, and future plans or goals. Tell us why you would like to join DMV Live Radio and what role/position you would like to have. Make sure the subject line of the e-mail states: “Team Inquiry”. We are always looking to expand the team, so don’t hesitate to apply.


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